Ok for the most part 

Today I had the most brilliant time catching up with camp friends… and was severely punished for that joy. 

Started feeling a bit sick and dizzy around 5pm which didn’t go away with the cyclazine and was only made worse by boarding the train home. 

Thankfully the toilet was free for the journey because I spent a lot of time in there throwing up. It was not pleasant. 

Thankfully I have some pretty amazing friends who drove my car home for me so I didn’t get in any accidents. 

I’m too happy and tired to even feel too sorry for myself. 

If you’ve not experienced life of a summer camp then I don’t know if you can fully appreciate the brilliance of those friendships. 

I hadn’t seen these girls in almost a decade and it felt like I saw them just yesterday! 

The intense environment of living in each other’s pockets for 3 months seals a friendship that can last anything. 

We have Facebook to thank for helping us keep vaguely up to date with each other’s lives but nothing beats a good face to face catch up over a glass of wine. 

I’m going to leave this blog post here as I’m struggling to concentrate and I won’t do it justice. But just know, I am grateful for everyone’s understanding today and that for the most part I was able to enjoy the day as a normal 30yr old woman. 


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