Drug free weekend

I went a whole weekend without any kind of painkillers!!!

I took some pills Friday morning (codeine & odensetron) but that was it!

I ate like I was at an all you can eat buffet. It was crazy. The last few weeks I was skipping meals and would take me most of the afternoon to finish a sandwich and maybe some crisps whilst at work.

But most importantly. I was relatively pain free.

I was too scared to do anything all weekend for fear of triggering it though.

Saturday was mainly spent in floods of tears because everything I had ignored for the past 6 weeks demanded to be thought about and felt.

I was particularly attractive that day, I’ll tell you.

Everything felt a bit alien. Driving felt wrong. Sleeping was difficult. I was uncomfortable in my own skin. And incredibly hormonal. Thanks for that zoladex. 

Today is ok (so far) Sitting is uncomfortable but I’m standing far more upright than I was last week, however the pain is definitely trying to make a comeback. It’s tight and burning and comes with the added bonus of nausea. The sharp stabs let me know it’s not to be ignored. 

Thankfully it’s dead people day and so far nothing is booked in. So I won’t have to do anything too strenuous 😊

We’ll check in again tomorrow after a day of real work


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