I’m not usually one to brag, but..

Today I was able stand up straight and walk at a pretty normal pace! 

I’ve also not taken any drugs since this morning nor used the TENS machine at all 😁 it’s been lovely.
I’m still quite uncomfortable but it’s nothing like the horrible day that was yesterday.

I even resorted to taking morphine to get through that day!

I had the added bonus of being able to feel built up air in my bowel all day. That created a whole different world of pain.
Thankfully a peppermint tea and some buscopan fixed that last night. Had a decent nights sleep and then today has been far more bearable.

There were far less sad, sympathetic faces asking how I was.
People still noticed the suffering and asked me about it but no comments came from patients today. So I’ll take that as a win πŸ˜…

Oooh and this is the first day all week that I’ll eat 3 whole meals too. In fact I’ve been pigging out all day. Just need to not over do it and make myself feel crappy that way


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