Recovered from the weekend 

One of our consultants today called me cheeky. The same man who last week asked why I looked so happy and told me a good smack would soon fix my face!

Yet I’m the cheeky one 😂

I have recovered from the tramadol hangover now. I’m sore but comfortable. 

Far too bloody warm all the time but generally alright. 

The headache that takes over the whole left side of my face and neck gives me a bit of jip first thing every morning but it tends to ease off during the day. 

The scales informed me I got heavier again but I honestly don’t care right now. I can’t be miserable because I’m in pain and then add to it because I can’t eat what I want. 

The hormonal mood swings are enough to deal with. 

Oooh that’s a point. Side affect of the hormone implant was weight gain. So I’ll just blame that 😁

But yeah. I’m in a better place. Did a little bit of self care. Had a bath, washed my hair. Feeling a bit more human. 

Just in time for tomorrow’s gastro appointment and Thurs B12 injection and smear. Yay me


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