Feeling hot hot hot

I thought seeing as yesterday was alright, I may be ok again today. 


I got dragged out of the house eventually to go up to the festival and as enjoyable as it was, I sure am suffering for it now. 

It was a struggle but I really wanted to see Kate Nash and The Darkness again. 

Watching parents trying to cover their kids ears when Nash got happy with the swears and encouraged them to stick their middle fingers up was a highlight. As was this guy..

Look at his cute little face waiting for The Darkness to come on. 

I don’t even know why I’m bothering to write this. I have nothing to say. I hurt. I feel sick and I can’t be bothered to eat. 

I bloody love food. That’s how you know the pain is bad. 

Here’s hoping for a better nights sleep than last night.

Oh and at least I haven’t cried today! That’s an improvement on yesterday. Bloody hormones. 

I have suffered the wrath of the hot flushes though. That was sexy 😂😂

I’m gonna struggle at work in a tunic. I may have to wear scrubs. I’m sure they’d prefer me comfortable and pleasant rather than sweaty and agitated. 

A week in theatre is just what I need. But hey, all that lead wearing may result in sweating out a hell of a lot more weight. Silver lining 😂


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