Zoladex round 2

The gynae registrar got back to me. He sorted out the prescription for the hormone therapy. A massive needle with the implant and a box of HRT.

Instead of trying to make a GP appointment to get it done I cornered one of the A&E doctors who happily stabbed me. 

Look at the hole it left in me. 

It’s still leaking a bit but Liam sorted me out with a better dressing 😊

That needle was massive. Fingers crossed this works. 

3 months worth of slow release hormones and then we shall see about trying something else 


4 thoughts on “Zoladex round 2

  1. Oh gosh 😦 they are absolutely horrible to have, my surgeon told me they are supposed to give that with a numbing injection before hand. Although I found temp relief from zoladex, I really found the injections horrendous to have, I had them for over a year. Once a nurse said to me ” oh is it really that painful? ” with little sympathy, I wanted to smack her face with it! 😦

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