Good news, bad news 

I went to see the GP this morning who logged into the hospital records and checked out my MRI report. 

It was normal. 

Completely and utterly normal. 

No bowel or gynae abnormalities. 

Not a single one

Which is confusing coz I supposedly have endo which shows very well on mri’s according to a study I read the other day. 

I don’t know.

So now I feel like a complete crazy person. How can I be in so much pain when there is nothing wrong with me?

I’ve ran out of places to look for a cause. Doctors don’t care either so why should I?

I feel so deflated. I’m fed up of fighting for this.

I’m going to stop looking for a cause for a bit and just work on finding a pain killer that works.  The GP gave me a new one to try so we shall see how that goes. Gabapentin. It works on nerves. Fingers crossed it helps.

Meanwhile I tried to get back on zoladex but the gynae secretary never called me back like she said she would. So I don’t know what’s happening there. 

Maybe I should use my tax refund to go on a cruise. I’m happy on holiday


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