A little break 😊

Out of nowhere I’ve had a good day.

It’s crazy. I’m not going to complain about it. It’s amazing. I’m happy. Obviously I still don’t feel normal but it’s ok.

I haven’t had the TENS on, nor have I taken any codeine since this morning. That’s an achievement. Especially since I was on theatres and portables today which is a lot of manual handling and lead jacket wearing.

Oh and I’ve eaten lunch and a snack today! Check me out. That’s a big improvement on the last few days.

I’m trying to eat better still and so far so good. Lost 3kg since I got back from Greece  (almost half a stone in UK terms 😅)

I guess that’s partly due to me calorie counting again and partly being too sick to bother eating. Either way. I’m winning.

Fingers crossed things stay like this for at least the weekend. Mum’s away in Ireland and dammit it’s Godiva weekend and I want to have some fun. I haven’t been in years. This time last year I was stuck in hospital and missed it. I’m gonna be there this year even if I have to spend the day just laying in a field 😅

Annoyingly I have tomorrow morning off to go see the GP and now I’m feeling better. Typical!

The infection I thought I had in my throat doesn’t look like it’s there anymore either dammit but still have quite a few glands up on my neck so at least he can have a feel of those and give me some more of my usual drugs as I am running low.

Oooh and in even more fab news I got a letter from the tax man saying they owe me just over £1800!

Being sick so much last year and still getting taxed what they assumed I would be earning has got me a little nest egg 😊


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