Getting on with things

Today I had a go at normal life. 

A crafty Sunday. 

Almost instantly I knew I had undertaken too much. I overfilled my shopping basket in the first shop I went to. Why do I never learn?

I should have done the sensible thing of taking that load to the car but instead I decided to plow on with my shopping. 

By the time I got home the codeine had worn off and I needed a rest. After I had done a couple of crafty bits I needed a nap. 

What a ridiculous life I have. 

Thank fuck that the pain is still currently letting me sleep. I’d be so much more grumpy if it was ruining that for me too!

There was a brief moment where I almost had a meltdown tonight. I’d bought new batteries for the TENS for a bit of relief but then couldn’t find the bloody machine. Looking for it was wearing me out and getting me all wound up. 

I finally found it and tbh it’s not the magical quick fix my brain had falsely remembered. 

Yeah it’s distracting and weirdly comforting but I’m still in pain and sad it’s happening still. 

Time hip kindly reminded me that this time of year always seems to suck for me

When will this actually come to an end?
I’m sorry for whinging a lot lately. I’m just getting quite down and need to vent it so I’m not complaining to everyone face to face daily. 

I don’t like people knowing I’m suffering because they look at me different. I try not to let it affect my work. I don’t want to be treated like a cripple. I just want to get on with my life. 

I know this makes me a hypocrite but it’s different writing it here. Those who read this are choosing to do so. I’m not forcing you to read nor care. 

Let’s end this on a happier note. Look at these wonderful baby shower bits I created. 

Hopefully at the very least I can make other people happy x


One thought on “Getting on with things

  1. I guess that’s what it comes down to…. if I can’t physically be happy, then I can try to make others happy…. and in doing so, maybe I can get the fulfillment I’m looking for… I’m sorry you’re suffering in so much pain. Pain fucking sucks. It’s only been 4 months for me, but it has felt like a life time. Keep kicking ass… even in pain.


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