Another rough night

I had a really crappy night. 

It wasn’t enough that it was a billion degrees but my insides decided they didn’t like me anymore. Cramps, normal side pain and crippling nausea. I’m so glad I have those anti nausea drugs or the night would have been far worse. 

My heart rate was over 100 and generally it was not a fun time. 

I’ve spent the day feeling sorry for myself and not moving much. Up until mum came home I hadn’t eaten since breakfast. To be honest, if she hadn’t sorted dinner I probably wouldn’t have bothered with eating again. 

Being ill sucks. 

Coincidentally 2 years ago today I was in hospital with that second round of PID. 

Maybe my insides hate summer?

Thankfully tomorrow is dead people day so I won’t have to do too much in terms of heaving lifting and manual handling. 


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