Post Holiday Slump

After a week of work and a couple of dog walks, the pain and nausea caught up with me. 

I stayed in bed for as long as I could because I knew it was gonna be a painful day but that I had to crack on with my day eventually. 

I thought I was going to collapse in the supermarket when I put a few too many things in my basket. I swapped to a trolley and that made life easier but I was still walking around, clutching my side. 

I plodded on. Made my bits for the street party and lasted a surprisingly long time mingling with the neighbours. 

I took the dogs for a quick walk in the evening because they’d been home alone most of the day but that was a massive mistake. Shadow is far too strong for me. 

My right side is my weak side when I’m in pain and annoyingly, like Ant & Dec, the dogs have certain sides that they MUST be on. Shadow on the right, Sasha on the left. I tried holding them both with my left hand but it just was too hard. He’s too strong and he refuses to walk at a nice pace 😔 So now I’m even more sore than I was before. 

I think this rules out my plan for attempting to exercise tomorrow. We shall see.

After last week’s over indulgence, I need to start being a bit more sensible. 

Coincidentally however, since I started calorie counting again, I have been in a hell of a lot more pain. 

Just saying..

Anyhoo. A lovely day had by all 

After all the horrible things that have happened recently in the world, it’s such a lovely thing to as a community. 


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