Last days of the hols

Sorry there were no holiday posts the last few days. It was uneventful. I think. 

Ventured to Rhodes for a few hours. That was pretty. Took some pictures for a friend’s project for her son and nephew. I think they turned out alright šŸ˜Š

For the most part it just like any other major city. All the shops you would normally encounter. But an incredible amount of umbrella stores. Very bemusing. I assume they were sun shades more than rain protectors because they did seem quite out of place.

The old town and marina were beautiful. Dotted with shops selling you the usual tourist stuff and the marina full of rich people toys.

I decided to return to the hotel in time for the pizza buffet. I was not going to miss out on that. Best part of the day!

I saw my brother again and witnessed him singing and dancing to Abba. That was an experience šŸ˜…

The rest of the trip was just me trying to get as dark as I could without burning. I did a good job even if I do say so myself. 

The sun did a blinding job of bleaching my hair though! Look at the colour difference!

What else happened?

I was relatively pain free for most of the trip. I had a couple of uncomfortable days but nothing a few cocktails couldn’t fix. 

The plane ride both ways, plus coach journeys were hellish but my old buddy codeine helped me out with that. I started to wonder if maybe it was happiness that made me sore? šŸ˜…

I’ve felt pretty crappy today. The familiar crippling pain of air moving too quickly through my bowel and the general side ache. Nothing worth taking anything for so far but I do feel pretty nauseous. 

Finally got my prescription card through though so I don’t have to shell out a fortune for drugs anymore. Paid Ā£100 or so for the year and I can have as many as I like. Which is good because a recent prescription cost me over Ā£30!

Ā£8 a month for crazy pills too, soon adds up. 

Oh and today I had the pleasure of seeing the dentist for the first time in about 10 years, as I managed to chip a molar on my last night of holiday. That pleasure cost me over Ā£50 and a very numb face. 

That’ll teach me for going away and having a lovely week away in the sun!

So back to normal service now. 

Fingers crossed the pain remains at this dull ache. I can deal with this šŸ˜Š


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