Ugh. Just ugh. 

They’re never happy. 

Yes the bags were all on the wrong carousel and that caused a huge delay. But 5 planes come in at the same time. Shit happens. 

The security check coming into the airport was amazing. Two guys just quickly checking you had a passport with a picture in and then waving you through. Nobody was praising that marvel.

Yes. We did land nearly 2 hours ago and as I write this I am still sat on the coach at the airport waiting for the remaining passengers to get on the coach. But hey, Im in Greece. 

With a very annoying student couple behind me talking about the size of bus drivers vs taxi drivers hypothalami. 

I really hope nobody tries to befriend me for a least a day or two. I can’t deal with it. I don’t want the mundane small talk. I just want to be left alone for a little while please. 
Update- it’s now 3.30am and I am checked in to my hotel. There’s Wi-Fi everywhere, my room is bookended by pools and there is wine on tap. Self serve. 

I may never leave


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