Holiday- Day 1

After just 4 hours sleep I pulled myself out of bed. Wasn’t going to miss that all inclusive bit of the day. 

Quick change then headed to the pool. Situated myself close to the bar and by the bridge to get to the lunch and snacks buffers. Mumma didn’t raise no fool!

I asked the waitress if 10.30 was too early for a cocktail. She smiled and said “no, hunny” then poured me a piña colada. That’s when I knew today was going to be a good day. 

A few more cocktails later, a few hours of sunworshipping and a lunch, I decided I’d had my limit of sun for the day. Tan lines already pretty prominent. That’s mothers Irish blood for you. Soaks up the sun. 

Had a nap. A lovely dinner alone and as I write this I am at my brothers hotel. A 5 star resort that really looks like it’s worth every penny. 

My 4 star is still pretty damn good!

I’ve just watched him do the mini disco. Entertaining 30 or so children with silly dances whilst dressed in a velour wizard costume. So bizarre. 

Then the mildly inappropriate at times, comedy showcase.

He’s bloody good at this. I can see he enjoys it too. It’s lovely to see. He’s a completely different person out here. He was last year but I didn’t get to see it for myself. 

I’m a very proud big sister right now. 

He’s super dark already though. He has two weeks on me. My aim for the week is to match his current tan. I’ve only exceeded him on the colour chart once. He welcomed me home with a cheery “hello blackie”.

I have a lot of work to do to catch up with him.

Finished the night with the rest of the cast in an Irish bar in town. A hostel guest of his bought us all drinks, so he must be doing something right. 

Can’t wait to see another show later in the week 


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