A little bit of sunshine

Today I did something incredibly selfish. 

I booked a holiday! 

A week, alone, in Greece. 

It’s going to be amazing. Laying in a bikini, eating as much hummus as I can stuff my face with and reading so many books. I can’t wait. 

Mum only agreed to letting me go alone as my brother is actually working 10 mins down the road at another, far too expensive for me, hotel. Otherwise she would have kicked up a right fuss about my health and being alone in far away lands. 

I’m so excited. I need this so much. 

I don’t care if I’m ill the whole time. I’ll just be poorly in the sun instead of in bed. Hell I could be ill in bed there and order room service. All inclusive baby!

Now I just need to get some holiday clothes that fit and I’m ready to go. Hooray 


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