Back on the opiods

I almost made it two whole weeks without painkillers. 

Day 13 it fell apart a bit. Started the day with some anti-nausea drugs because otherwise I would have been very sick, multiple times. These were chased down by my old friend codeine. 

Sad times but it was nice to be without them for the time that I had. 

It may actually work in my favour if the pain keeps up like this while I’m having my MRI. It will be hell for me to lay on my back that long, that still, but better for a possible diagnosis. 

Also, this happened tonight..

It was totally worth it though. I already felt shit, so why not eat my emotions πŸ˜…

Fuck working myself in to the ground anymore. If I’m sick, I’m not pushing myself and making myself exhausted for nothing any longer. 

The rest of this year shall be about doing things that make me happy and work sure isn’t one of them 😁


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