All muddled up

I don’t know if I’ve mentioned this before but it sure has happened previously. 

I’m struggling with speaking. 

Not in a slurred way, but just sentence construction in general. 

Things make sense in my head but it doesn’t come out right (or even at all sometimes). Some of it doesn’t even make sense. It’s not cool. I miss words out and jumble them up. I can’t even get full words out sometimes and just trail off.

I’m trying not to get frustrated with myself for it because I can’t control it but it’s annoying and embarrassing. 

It only happens when I’m doing something mildly important like talking to patients or work colleagues. Explaining things is just practically impossible in any way that makes sense. It’s madness because this stuff is basically robotic now. Set speeches about what I’m doing but nope. Nonsense happens instead.

I’m bloody glad this is happening after my interview last week or I’d have been straight on that nope pile. 

As far as Dr Google has told me it isn’t a side effect of the lack of antidepressants in my system but what does Dr Google know?

The dizziness, nausea and headaches. Those things it was spot on about but I’m sure it I Google this it’ll tell me I’m having a stroke!


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