I can’t believe I’m writing this but I have just had a whole week without taking any pain killers. 

8 days so far without having to take any drugs. 

I can’t remember the last time that happened. 

I went back to pole. I sucked but I made it past the warm-up this week which is better than the previous two weeks. 

Yesterday I had a moment after a tough day at work where I thought, “wow my muscles are so sore”. My muscles. Not my tummy or my side. But my legs, arms and shoulders from finally being able to do exercise again. I stopped thinking negatively about the pain and realised how brilliant it was that I felt this way and not horribly ill. 

Don’t get me wrong. I still feel “it”. The dull ache reminding me that I’m not completely normal. 

I’ve been sick a couple of times. 

One of those was almost a horribly embarassing incident but luckily I made it to the sluice before I vommitted on top of the bowl of my patients vomit, that I was taking to dispose. Guess my stomach isn’t as strong as it used to be at the moment.

But hey my body allowed me to have two nights out dancing the night away. So I’m pretty chuffed with it. Especially seeing how stressful this week should have been, with interview prep and whatnot. 

I’ve woke up the past few days feeling quite content 😊

Don’t get me wrong. I feel a bit crap still, it never truly goes, and I am perpetually exhausted, but this is completely livable. Naps are the way forw


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