Post insomnia

The night after the night with insomnia you think you may get more sleep right?


I did manage a touch of sleep. But only for 30-45 minutes at a time. 

I saw every hour on the clock. It was so frustrating. 

At about 8.45 the neighbours started doing some heavy duty DIY. So that was the end of the sleep game. 

This weekend has been so shitty. What’s the point in a bank holiday weekend where you spend the whole time in bed, and not in a good way!

I’ve taken less drugs today but mainly coz I couldn’t deal with the post tramadol fog. It works better for the pain but it’s got way more side effects afterwards and I can’t be dealing with them right now. The pain isn’t worth it. 

I’m quickly running out of codeine though. 

Good luck to anyone working with me tomorrow because I haven’t seen a real human being since Saturday. I’m craving human contact. Although I’m sure after half an hour of people I’ll be back to wanting to be alone 😅

Right then. Nothing new to say. I’m still sore and feel sick. Fed up of it


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