It is 6am. I have had a grand total of 1 hour sleep since getting in from the wedding. 

It was a glorious hour. The subsequent hours since 4 am have not been fun. The batteries in my TENS have died and I just don’t have the energy to hunt down new ones. I’ve taken more codeine but nothing. I may resort to tramadol soon but that stuff gives me insomnia so I’m trying not to.

I’m so flipping uncomfortable in my own body. It’s not fair. 

I think my body has decided to give up the fight for a bit. I have lumps behind my left ear that I’m just leaving alone and assuming are raised lymph glands. I thought they were just irritation from sleeping with piercings in but it’s been there for a couple of weeks now and the lower one is getting bigger. 

I’m so grumpy. This is bollocks. What has been different this week that’s made it flair up again?

Oh but on a positive note baked beans no longer make me swell up like a balloon. Yay. 

I’m so lucky that I was well enough to actually enjoy my birthday party. 

If I was gonna be sick for any event this year it would have been that. If stress was setting this off then the only party I’ve ever had for myself, thrown by myself, was surely going to be it.

Fingers crossed if I spend today and tomorrow in bed, I may feel more human on Tues 😁

I’m chatting shit now. I’m gonna continue to watch Netflix and be miserable 😊


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