Hello pain my old friend 

You’d think after a day of pampering that I would feel amazing today. But sadly that is not the case. 

Last night when I lay down I felt that familiar tightness and was reminded of my annoying tingly lips. Seriously what is the lip thing about? It’s constant but I’ve learnt to ignore it. At night I before I fall asleep I assess the situation and take note of any oddities and that one is by far the most annoying.

I put down the bruising pain on my left hip to an awkwardly placed jet in the hot tub but the right sided pain is my usual shit. Drug worthy today. Not fair. 

I’m not stressed about anything so why now? The massage was a swedish one so barely any pressure. 

I was stressed in the lead up to my party but that all went fine. People had a good time and I was suitably drunk for the entire evening. I need a do-over though with less alcohol and better pictures. 

So Yeah, just letting you know. I hurt again and the nausea levels have risen. 

I had a good week and a half without drugs so I can’t really complain. 

Next appointment is not til 23rd May, then follow up a month or so later. 

I may have to admit defeat and go back to gynae for hormone treatments again. Although after a chat with someone who experienced gynae at my hospital and them missing a growth the size of a grapefruit, I may have to explore their private consultant option. 
Oooh and for those who remember my original room mates from my last hospital stay, I saw broken arm last week. Poor thing hurt her hip but thankfully no breaks. The end


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