Gastro appointment 

Sooo I think the root cause of my pain is living (working for a living at least).

Back at work and back the codeine even though they’ve been pretty easy days. In fact I didn’t even do two full days! I started on the drugs at breakfast so who knows what’s going on.

The pain was well timed though because I had an appointment with gastro at UHCW today. 

Kinda pointless but he understood that I wanted to rule out other causes my pain before they start ripping more things out of my insides. 

He did some bloods and requested an MRI. Apparently he’s actually going to see if he can figure out why I have the anaemia and need B12 injections every 3 months. 

He didn’t seem keen on scoping me which is a shame but I get it. Doesn’t want to pop by bowel what with it being a sticky mess and all. 

His aim seemed to be ruling out ulcerative colitis of the small bowel (which apparently isn’t even a thing and he should be looking for crohns but what do I know?)

I dunno. 

Don’t care right now about it all. Just wanna get through the next few days in a good mood, in as little pain as possible and celebrate my 30th 😊


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