It is 6am. I have had a grand total of 1 hour sleep since getting in from the wedding. 

It was a glorious hour. The subsequent hours since 4 am have not been fun. The batteries in my TENS have died and I just don’t have the energy to hunt down new ones. I’ve taken more codeine but nothing. I may resort to tramadol soon but that stuff gives me insomnia so I’m trying not to.

I’m so flipping uncomfortable in my own body. It’s not fair. 

I think my body has decided to give up the fight for a bit. I have lumps behind my left ear that I’m just leaving alone and assuming are raised lymph glands. I thought they were just irritation from sleeping with piercings in but it’s been there for a couple of weeks now and the lower one is getting bigger. 

I’m so grumpy. This is bollocks. What has been different this week that’s made it flair up again?

Oh but on a positive note baked beans no longer make me swell up like a balloon. Yay. 

I’m so lucky that I was well enough to actually enjoy my birthday party. 

If I was gonna be sick for any event this year it would have been that. If stress was setting this off then the only party I’ve ever had for myself, thrown by myself, was surely going to be it.

Fingers crossed if I spend today and tomorrow in bed, I may feel more human on Tues 😁

I’m chatting shit now. I’m gonna continue to watch Netflix and be miserable 😊


Are the warnings on drugs real?

Asking for a friend who may have drank a bottle of wine, taken 60mg of codeine and is still wide awake and in a boat load of pain. 

Now would be a really bad time to take up recreational drugs. My tolerance would probably be too high and it would cost me a fortune to get a kick. 

This is so sucky. I want to get up and throw shapes but I’d much rather be lying under the table in the foetal position. 

Someone find a cure or at least a cause. Thank you muchly 

No fun nelly

This week has been exhausting. I’ve been in bed most days before 7pm. I’ve taken lots of codeine and I’ve had trouble getting to sleep. 

Not a happy bunny. 

Not sure what’s triggered all this but if it’s stress then I’m doomed because nothing stressful has happened yet!

I cleared all my debt. I should be feeling relieved instead of nauseous and sore. 

No fair. 

Fingers crossed I’ll be well enough to actually enjoy my friends wedding reception tomorrow. I want to throw some shapes and get some birthday party do-over photos 😅

My face is not hiding the sick very well currently..

Hello pain my old friend 

You’d think after a day of pampering that I would feel amazing today. But sadly that is not the case. 

Last night when I lay down I felt that familiar tightness and was reminded of my annoying tingly lips. Seriously what is the lip thing about? It’s constant but I’ve learnt to ignore it. At night I before I fall asleep I assess the situation and take note of any oddities and that one is by far the most annoying.

I put down the bruising pain on my left hip to an awkwardly placed jet in the hot tub but the right sided pain is my usual shit. Drug worthy today. Not fair. 

I’m not stressed about anything so why now? The massage was a swedish one so barely any pressure. 

I was stressed in the lead up to my party but that all went fine. People had a good time and I was suitably drunk for the entire evening. I need a do-over though with less alcohol and better pictures. 

So Yeah, just letting you know. I hurt again and the nausea levels have risen. 

I had a good week and a half without drugs so I can’t really complain. 

Next appointment is not til 23rd May, then follow up a month or so later. 

I may have to admit defeat and go back to gynae for hormone treatments again. Although after a chat with someone who experienced gynae at my hospital and them missing a growth the size of a grapefruit, I may have to explore their private consultant option. 
Oooh and for those who remember my original room mates from my last hospital stay, I saw broken arm last week. Poor thing hurt her hip but thankfully no breaks. The end

Gastro appointment 

Sooo I think the root cause of my pain is living (working for a living at least).

Back at work and back the codeine even though they’ve been pretty easy days. In fact I didn’t even do two full days! I started on the drugs at breakfast so who knows what’s going on.

The pain was well timed though because I had an appointment with gastro at UHCW today. 

Kinda pointless but he understood that I wanted to rule out other causes my pain before they start ripping more things out of my insides. 

He did some bloods and requested an MRI. Apparently he’s actually going to see if he can figure out why I have the anaemia and need B12 injections every 3 months. 

He didn’t seem keen on scoping me which is a shame but I get it. Doesn’t want to pop by bowel what with it being a sticky mess and all. 

His aim seemed to be ruling out ulcerative colitis of the small bowel (which apparently isn’t even a thing and he should be looking for crohns but what do I know?)

I dunno. 

Don’t care right now about it all. Just wanna get through the next few days in a good mood, in as little pain as possible and celebrate my 30th 😊

A week post Rook

Ok so the piercing thing, although a complete pain in the ass to sleep with, may have actually helped. 

There was a weird blip with a migraine and losing vision in my left eye but the headache part of it never really happened in the horrific form it usually does. So that was manageable. 

I have taken a grand total of 0 drugs since I had the piercing. 

I even went back to pole. 

Had the TENS with me just in case but didn’t need it. 

Also I’ve been eating gluten like it was my only food source all week too. 

There is zero logic to the pain but I’m enjoying it being gone. It can stay away for a while longer. 

I am very aware though that I haven’t been pushing around patients or heavy equipment all week so that may very well have helped with the pain free lark. 

Back to the grind next week. I’m hoping for a particularly rough day on weds before my GI appointment so they can see it for the evilness it is!

The Rook 

I’m not saying that the piercing worked but I will say I haven’t taken any pain killers since Saturday. 

My work load is a lot lighter though as I’m not at Warwick this week. So that’s a contributing factor for sure. 

Still don’t feel 100% but can’t remember the last time I did anyway. 

We’ll see how I feel after pole tonight