Back off

I’d just like to take the time to thank everyone for their unwanted advice and opinions over the past 4 years.

It’s not enough that I am going through this without any real answers and have been through so many doctors, specialists, tests, operations and pain, but having you talk down to me and tell me what you think I should do or what is wrong with me, just does not help.
Take a step back and think about it for just a second.
Are you really being helpful to me or is it in some weird way just making you feel better by sticking your 2 cents in? Because I can assure you it sure as hell isn’t helping me.

I know my body pretty well. I’ve been living in it for almost 30 years now.
I know the pain of an egg being kicked out of my ovary, the crippling cramps of period pain, the complete agony of things moving through my bowel, the tight uncomfortableness of being bloated and the ache of muscle pain from exercise. 
But let me tell you, none of those things are the pain I experience when I’m so sore I am forced to take opioids, use the tens machine and a hot water bottle all at the same time!

If you want to help- just shut up. I do not want your advice. I don’t even want your sympathy. I just need you to understand it is fucking hard dealing with this and I don’t need you making me more stressed about it.
Stress makes it worse. It also fuels the depression.
Working too hard because I refuse to let it win, also makes it worse but I’m not a quitter.
It probably gets worse then because I’m working past the breaking point. The point where normal people would probably be laying in a hospital bed.

My pain threshold is not the same as yours. Do not try to understand my pain. Just accept it, as I have. Ask if I’m ok but leave it there. Don’t make me feel worse about it.
I am doing the best I can in a pretty horrible situation.
Just basque in awe at my awesomeness of continuing to have a life and leave me alone


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