No drugs today!

After a really shitty few days I miraculously feel better. 

Tuesday night I got randomly sore again and vomited Weds morning at work. Since then I took a whole host of drugs to no avail. Bought that bargain tens machine and carried around my giraffe hot water bottle at work like a mental patient. 

Then this morning when I got up, it had gone. 

You must understand that when I say gone, I never mean truly gone. It’s rare that it goes completely. It’s there. Ticking away at at 2 or 3/10 but nothing worth being a whinge pot about. I can deal with this and it’s best friend nausea. Despite it being fecking annoying. 

This is all getting very boring now. And I’m sorry to those who have had to listen to me moan this week. Yesterday I was particularly needy. I even asked a mate to build me a fort so I could hide in it. They didn’t. I’m gonna go put a complaint in now actually…


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