Just another day in the life of Ny

One of my first thoughts every morning, after “piss off alarm, I’m not ready”, is “how do I feel today?”

I do a little mental checklist. 

Nausea- Still there or miraculously gone?

Today, like every day for the past 2 months, it was still there. 

Ok. So are we in pain?

So far so good but we’re lying down so that doesn’t count. Get up and see. 

Usually I make it to the bathroom door before any pain is noticeable and just like magic, it appears. 

It’s not crippling though. Just that fun, tight right sided pain. I can deal with this. I’ll just have to walk a bit slower and I won’t be able to lift as much on that side but it’s manageable. If money wasn’t an issue I wouldn’t go to work today but it is so I just plod on. 

Gave Buscopan another go and much like I anticipated due to past experience, it did nothing. I even doubled the dose I was supposed to initially have 😅  

The hospital pharmacy by luck sells TENS machines so I bought myself a bargain and have been rocking that so far today. It’s a welcome distraction but it’s an annoying little thing that beeps whenever you press buttons, or half an hour passes. 

It was less than a tenner though so I can’t complain. 

Also whilst waiting to pay I spotted something a tad unusual for a hospital pharmacy but what do I know, maybe I’ve just not been look. 

It was a vibrator. In a long box with clear bold ink saying ‘VIBRATOR’. I think it claims to be a mini massager but I’m not convinced. I even got someone to go double check I hadn’t imagined it because I didn’t have my glasses on 😂

So yeah that’s been my day so far and it’s only midday. Who knows what other kinds of torture I’m in for pain wise. I’m pretty gutted I left my hot water bottle giraffe at home 😔


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