Oh yay, more pain

I feel dreadful 

I’m not too sure how I got through a whole day at work. Probably shouldn’t have but I need the cash money. 

Last night at the pub quiz (check me out trying to have a life) I started to feel properly sore. I had that annoying lean when I was driving home and couldn’t stand straight when I got in.

I figured if I took at couple of tramadol and send myself to bed, all would be ok in the morning. Oh how I was wrong. 

I managed to doze off at around 3am, before waking at 6pm before my alarm for work went off.

I amazed myself that I hadn’t been sick before arriving at work. I felt so spacey and gross. 

The nausea won around 10am and I expelled all the squash I’d drank that morning, since I had nothing else in my stomach. 

Started to feel a bit more human in the afternoon after force feeding myself however I’ve been in bed feeling sorry for myself with a hot water bottle and vomit bowl.

This whole thing is just stupid. I’m tired of it all. Somebody swap bodies with me please? Or come look after me and give me all of the pats on the head and sympathy please x


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