Well that was a good week or so…

I was kind of looking forward to writing a post about how well things have been going. 

Gynae even tried to discharge me last week but I refused to let them. 

Anyway. I’ve just taken a couple of tramadol because I can’t stand upright so I guess I was right about not letting them get rid of me!

It’s further forward today and crampy like period pain without the period. Not a fan. 

It catches me and I forget to breathe. Which coincidentally fits in well with my pain clinic appointment today. Meditation and breathing techniques. 

I’m determined to find a cause for this bullshit by the end of the year. It takes up far too much of my life. 

I’m too tired and sore to even complain properly so I’ll leave it here and if I think of anything else I’ll add tomorrow. 

Oh and it’s 4 years this week since this bullshit started. Yay lucky me


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