Just so you know..

I’m still OK!

Not to jinx it or anything but I’m fine. 

Obviously still nauseous because apparently that’s my life now. It’s been just over 8 weeks of that bullshit. 

I’m sore but in a way I can ignore. A tight, numb kind of dull ache that prevents me from sleeping on my left but doesn’t prohibit much else. 

Today I was naughty and had 2 tiny cookies coz I wasn’t going to risk the free birthday cake. I then went overboard, throwing caution to the wind and decided to have baked beans as part of my dinner. 

Here is the immediate result 

I think it’s safe to say I should not eat beans. But dammit the chips, cheese and beans were blumming good!

In other news I finally got my GI referral through. Unfortunately the wait list is huge and I didn’t manage to book an appt til May. 

Howeve,r my mother is in the know and is hoping one of her contacts can work their magic on that 😉

I must say I am very much looking forward to them discovering a whole bunch of foods I also shouldn’t be eating. Ideally they’ll decide I’m coeliac and give me prescription gluten free stuff coz that food is expensive. 

Anyhoo that’s the end of today’s post. 

I’m really bloated and slightly uncomfortable. Yay


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