Who would’ve thunk it..

Sorry for the lack of posts or maybe you’re happy you’ve not been spammed every day by them. I dunno. Anyhoo here’s a new one. 

I’m not in pain anymore. 

Well I say not in pain. I mean not in any pain worth mentioning. There’s a dull ache but nothing I have needed the TENS or any drugs for. 

It’s madness. How do I go from ugly crying about the pain to being ok?

Weirdly though I’m more grumpy than I was when I was in pain. That’s not fair. I’m sure it will lift but for today I’m just going to let it be. I don’t have to be happy all the time. 

Fingers crossed the pain stays away for a while longer 😊


One thought on “Who would’ve thunk it..

  1. Great news re pain and you are allowed to be grumpy as you have really been through it just recently and no doubt deep down you are on edge that it will start again any minute…..fingers crossed for you xx


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