This living with this pain lark is hard. I mean that. Not existing with pain. I’ve got that down to a t. 

Existing in pain is easy. I do nothing. I see nobody. I just exist and suffer quietly. 

Living- Actually getting on with every day life. That shit is difficult. 

Leaving the safety of my bed is something I’m starting to loath but I can’t give in to this bullshit. 

After a trip to the hairdressers today I napped for 2 hours! What the shit is that about? Sitting in a chair and a car for a few hours wore me out that much that I fell asleep when I got home and finally got comfortable!

Tonight I went out for drinks and dinner, which obviously included a lot of sitting and yep you guessed it, resulted in a lot of pain. 

I replaced the drugs with rum. So much rum. It doesn’t work as a pain killer though, let me tell you that!

Unfortunately too the battery on my TENS is dying. It keeps spazzing and sending random stronger bolts of electricity into my abdomen like I’m being cattle prodded! (Actually happened to me once in Oz)

It’s not even been a week and I’ve almost killed this battery! I turned it to its max before the night even started. Not a good sign. But as I don’t think the battery is working properly I’m unwilling to accept that was full power. I barely felt it!

But hey at least I’m taking a hell of a lot less drugs whilst I’m distracting myself with tiny electrical impulses and that’s gotta be a good thing.

Replacement batteries and we’ll reassess tomorrow


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