Not giving in

I tried to be normal last night and have a social life. It’s far more difficult than I thought it would be. I remembered why I became a depressed recluse last time!

Sitting is not fun. Seriously seriously unfun. So much so that I shall avoid it as much as I can. 

I lost a lot of weight in NZ because it simply was too much effort to eat and that’s the way I’m going now. Not the best way to lose weight I agree but not being in pain is far more important than food right now. Thankfully I have mum around to force feed me or I’d only be living on wotsits.

The TENS machine only works so much to distract me from the pain. It ends up in an awkward position when I’m sitting too so it’s less effective. But hey least I didn’t cry last night like I did last Friday!

Small victories!

I’ve spent all day in bed in the hope that I can attempt to be normal again tomorrow. Ugh.


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