TENS update

I’ve had this TENS machine for over a day now and already managed to break one of the leads and a pad! God knows how though. 

I’ve also learnt just why they tell you not to wear it whilst driving!

I whilst I was sat in the car I tried to turn it off before I started my drive but accidentally turned it all the way up 😂 oh my word did it give me a shock. My left leg shot out and put my foot hard down on the clutch. This thing could cause serious accidents. 

I wasn’t so sure it was working until I attempted to do pole without it. NOPE. Not a good idea. I adjusted the position of the pads a bit so they weren’t catching and moved the box to the opposite hip so I could invert without smashing it to pieces. But yeah. It works. I could start a new trend. Earn me some cash money as an ageing, wobbly, falling apart stripper. A stripper who has to keep her undies on so she has somewhere to clip the TENS machine and a bra to stop her giving herself black eyes!


So yeah. Verdict so far- it kinda works. It distracts me from the pain. However I’m already on level 6 and it only goes to 8. What happens then?

Apparently most people have it on 3 or 4. Pfft whimps. 

It’s a two week trial so we’ll just have to go with the flow. If I don’t like it I can send it back. If I do, I can pay for this one or buy another model. Heck if it works I’ll put a super expensive model on my Amazon wishlist for my birthday 😂 one that goes higher than 8!


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