Transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation 

This morning was quite productive. Followed by a whole day of doing nothing. 

Went to the GP’s and sat with a rather annoying ADHD child running around and talking at the top of his voice and his mum chatted about how his medication wasn’t working.

I am not a morning person. This was unnecessary at 8.15am.

So anyhoo. My GP was on top form. Why are you here now if this has been going on since Oct? Why aren’t you still having CBT? Why did I stop having the hormone injections? How did you know it was the acupuncture and not the injections?

Just shut up and send that referral to the GI surgeons and let them shove a camera in me. Any end they want. I don’t care anymore!

So after a bit of prodding he agreed to send the letter and now I play the waiting game. 

On to my next appointment then with the pain clinic. 

I started my TENS trial today. It’s a weird feeling. Bear with me on this one… Have you ever been to an Ann Summers party and had to try the vibrators on the tip of your nose? It’s a weird sensation. A tingly numbing feeling. That’s exactly what this is like. The pads send an electrical pulse through the skin and essentially distract your brain from the pain signals. 

Initially I liked it. It felt like I was being hugged on the inside. When it’s switched off everything seems to be let go of and falls back into place with the added bonus of returning pain.

It was a big initial reaction. Pain lady could see I was struggling to really pay her the attention she needed when explaining the machine to me and it’s settings but as soon as I put it on I was distracted enough from the pain to listen.

I’m not sure if it’s helping. I feel more nauseous today than I have in a while. But then again I’ve been nauseous since December so who knows if that’s even true anymore. My brain is frazzled.

I’m not sure if I’ve found the right spots to help just yet but I’ve got this on loan for 2 weeks so I have time to figure it out. 

Fingers crossed. Anything to distract me from the pain is welcome in my books


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