So I was just having a big cry in the shower coz tonight got stressful and was swiftly heading in the direction of depression and it dawned on me how much more I hurt tonight than I did during the day. 

I hurt a lot right now. 

The stress made it worse. 

So I googled..

Only about a million people have the same pain in the same spot with no medical explanation!! (in case you want to read about the others)
It’s nice to know but doesn’t help with the fact that it starts randomly or that I’m never going to be able to leave my mother’s house because no work = no money. Pain = no social life = forever alone and forever miserable. Bleurgh. 

Anyway I’m in too much pain for this right now because I’m stressed about a stupid CRB certificate that’s been ok until now and now I can’t work and the spinster life is coming at me hard and fast. 

Pain clinic appointment tomorrow and I may even take a trip to the GP to see if we can have some further GI tests before I give up all together. 

TENS trial starts tomorrow too and fingers crossed that works. If it works for the pregnant it may work for me. Fingers crossed or next stop may be some monesty somewhere to learn the way of the monks


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