Get ya belly out

​There is no way that if you told me last year that I would own crop tops and actually wear them in public, that I would believe you. 

I bought these for pole because the more skin to grip to, the better.

The confidence I have gained over the past year at pole elevation is incredible. Teamed with cognitive behavioural therapy and a few good friends, I’ve improved leaps and bounds. 

I had such crippling social anxiety that I barely did anything but work. I was convinced people didn’t like me and didn’t want to see me so withdrew from activities and eventually stopped getting invited all together. 

Things have changed so much. 

Yeah, I’m still kind of sick and I’m not entirely comfortable in my own skin but I care a hell of a lot less about what other people think about now and I’ve stopped listening to that negative nelly voice in my head.

I will wear these tops, hairy bloated belly out and all.

I love my pole girls. They’re nothing but encouraging and they’d never care about how I look, they’d simply push my ass higher up that pole and help me grab my foot from what seems impossibly far away.

I’m happy my ailing body has let me get this far in life. It’s a fighter, even when I’m mean to it. I’ll continue to be amazed at what it let’s me do on that pole and if bearing more skin than I’d like to whilst contorting my body into ridiculous positions, will help it stay in position, then I owe it that at least.

Is it weird that I’m more comfortable with this big fat bloated belly than I was with my normal one? I can’t do anything about it and for whatever reason that makes me feel better 😂

Anyhoo. New clothes. Yay


3 thoughts on “Get ya belly out

  1. Love this Nyeasha💗
    I did not know how bad your anxiety was, it’s pretty shitty on top of everything else. You’re a fine ‘pole model’ (had to pay myself on the back there!) keep it up!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Haha Ella. Nice pun!

      Yeah it was a vicious circle. The less I did things the more depressed I got.
      But I honestly feel the best I think I ever have done.
      I’m doing things that would have been impossible last year.
      I went to a friend of a friends wedding and knew nobody but my mate and the bride. Something far too daunting before. I’m going on holiday with a bunch of girls I barely know. I accept invites to nights our.
      There’s no stopping me now…except you know, when my body goes into self destruct mode and I’m too ill to move 😁

      Cognitive behavioural therapy is the way forward. That and pole of course!!


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