Fairwell 2016

Sorry its been so long since I have written anything here, but it should be taken as a good thing.

I’ve come such a long way from the last sick kid posts. Although this is being written on day 5/6 of being bed bound with the flu but we shall ignore that illness because we know that one will go away.
Getting back to the point.

I had just 3 sessions of acupuncture with Dave and it has done me the world of good. Coupled with a few CBD sessions for the depression and I’m practically a shiny new stronger version of myself.

This year has been hard, but then so were the previous 3, so we’ll focus on the good points.

* I completed the 50km charity trek in the Brecon Beacons (despite being told not to do it) and raised money for both Cancer Research and Mind. Lost a lot of skin in the process but that’s nothing in grand scheme of things.
* I survived another operation AND a cancer scare.
* I got the closest I’ve ever been to taking my own life and it was a terribly scary time, but I pulled through and with the help of a good friend and some counselling. I’m hoping I’ll never get to that stage again
* I started pole fitness. Took 4 months off due to ill health and still went back! I can now get myself upside down all on my own. Go me!
The friends I’ve made doing this crazy sport are so amazing and if I’d listened to my stupid brain I would never have gone back. I’m so grateful to have such fun, caring, supportive people in my life even if I do only see them once a week and they post awful pictures of me online. They’re good people

Next year is going to be a more positive one.
I’m not going to make stupid resolutions I’m just going to be kinder to myself. This body got me this far in life so I should appreciate it for the things it can do and not how it looks in dodgy photos!

I’ve got this shit 😀