It’s getting easier

This week, since the acupuncture, has been so good physically and mentally for me.
Its like a big cloud has been lifted.
I feel so much more able to tackle life in general.

My achievements this week seem so minor, but they’re incredibly to me. For a start my drug consumption has dropped right down.
I’ve taken some paracetamol on weds for a headache and 30mg of codeine yesterday because I knew it would involve a lot of sitting.
That’s a massive drop from needing 60mg of codeine a couple of times a day, plus tramadol at night to sleep.
Why didn’t I try this sooner?
Screw traditional medicine if this stuff works and I don’t have to fill my body with drugs then I’m all for it
Yesterday I went to the hairdressers, did a spot of window shopping and carved some pumpkins . All things I wouldn’t have been able to do a week ago and wouldn’t have even dreamed of trying to complete in a day!

If this keeps up then I’ll finally be able to go back to pole and the gym and generally get my life back.
I’m going to party hard at Nicky’s wedding too to make up for missing the hen do.
I’ve missed out on so much fun stuff the past few years. I have a lot of making up to do.

On a side note, I got a text from TrekFest about early registration. Oh how I laughed!
I was not well enough to do it when I did it, and I shall not risk it again.

Also I’ve looked into doing some dressmaking and photography courses next year instead of stressing myself out with a masters. I need to do some fun stuff for a bit. Fancy dress and photography make me happy. I need to do more of that as well as getting out of the house.

I had nobody to play with for Halloween last night so had to carve pumpkins with my mum. I say with mum but she finished before I’d even started. I think this is reflected in her design…



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