A little bit of hope

I had yet another appointment today with a gynae doctor. This gent was far more pleasant than the imbecile that told me it was IBS (I keep seeing him and his small man syndrome around the hospital. One day I may accidentally hit him with a trolley. See how he deals with pain!)

He couldn’t figure out why I was seeing a doctor so soon after the last appointment but went with it anyway. (For the record I had nothing to do with Saturday’s appointment. That was all mothers doings)

He definitely helped clear up some stuff that was discussed at the weekend.

For a start these hormone injections are as much a diagnosis tool as they are a pain management one. If after 3 months there is no improvement then it isn’t a hormonal effect causing the pain and therefore it’s not my baby makers that’s the issue.


But on the other hand, that means if I spend the next 3 months in pain, we are no closer to finding a cause!

Apparently the endometriosis they found was macroscopic. Meaning it couldn’t be seen and it was only picked up thanks to the biopsy. Which clears up any mystery revolving around why it wasn’t seen in the previous two ops.

So in short, we are not much closer to being any better but far less panicky about the future.

In the meantime I have emailed a specialist bowel clinic in Birmingham asking about possible tests they can do to help me. I’m willing to let them shove a camera/barium/anything up my bum if it helps get to the bottom (teehee) of this once and for all


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