Another day, another doctor

I don’t know how she did it but mum got me an appointment with the gynae consultant that operated on me in July, on a Saturday morning.
After waiting in a chair for 40 minutes I was suitably sore and upset. (The only way I’m comfortable is laying on my right hand side, curled up as tight as I can)

She is honestly one of the nicest doctors I’ve met on this journey. Which I guess isn’t difficult because I have met some royally rude and uncaring ones.
She didn’t make me feel like I was going mental and imagining or exaggerating the pain.

Her conclusion was that endometriosis is the cause of my pain (despite her registrar on thurs telling me it wasnt because it wasnt happening on a cycle, with my period)
She gave me four options to consider to try to manage it….

1- Another operation. Have another look at the extent of the disease, burn the endometriosis and any new adhesions.
2 – The coil
3- Hormone injections
4- Pain management clinic

We chatted about each option and mum made it pretty clear she didn’t want to see my going through another surgery or having the coil fitted (thanks to Sandras horror stories). I’m at the point however, where if you told me chopping off my leg would fix me, I would happily agree to it.

Despite the fact they may make me feel like I’m going through the menopause, I’ve opted to start with the hormone injections.
I’m hoping they aren’t the same as the one I had put in my tummy in July, because that did absolutely nothing but give me hot flushes.
In addition to this she has finally put in a referral to the pain clinic. Not that that was any use before. They put me back on antidepressants and made me eat the blandest diet in the world.

I asked about being referred to a gastrointestinal surgeon for a look at that avenue too after my GP suggested it as a next step. There has to be a reason for the recurrent impactions. They coincide with the pain and seem to happen before I’ve even started taking any opiods.
No body has ever bothered looking at my bowels as the cause of the pain, which is ridiculous. So I’m happy we’re finally at least going to get an opinion from that side of things.

In the meantime I am meant to start the injections tomorrow and continue to have them every month for 6 months. If they don’t help then we try the coil.
She’s recommending putting me under general anaesthetic to do this as I struggled with the ultrasound probe last week. In my defence, she had terrible aim. As a midwife training to do ultrasounds, she shouldn’t have had a problem finding a vagina, but dear lord she struggled and just stabbed that probe at me!

If the coil doesn’t help then I’m left with pretty drastic options. Removal of ovaries or the whole lot.
Not really something I thought I’d have to consider before even turning 30.

Mum suggested in the next 6-9months I go have a couple of one night stands and get pregnant. Then apparently I wont have to deal with the father,” it’ll be easier”!
Who was this woman? My mother is a massive prude and now shes telling me to go out and have unprotected sex with randoms? What the hell?!

Her other suggestion was finding a friend who could donate some sperm before telling me about her friends lesbian daughter who had a baby with her gay friend and maybe I should try that.
Mums ex husband’s son is gay and therefore he would be a good option apparently.
Jesus. I dont know what got in to her but she seemed pretty insistent on a grandchild, living in her house, with the two dogs, two tortoises and probably my brother when he gets home too. Where the hell are we getting the money for this child I asked her- her response, we’ll manage “theres loads of cheap stuff these days. Plus car boot sales”
I’m lost for words. Shes being serious and I don’t like it.

So thats where we’re at today.
I feel dizzy and sick, as well as incredibly sore, and I havent even taken any drugs today. It fun this mystery illness lark.

Also. What on earth makes people think its ok to tell you horror stories of people they know with mystery illness?
A guy at work told me that his wife had been going through something similar in terms of being pushed back and forth between doctors with no answers. She was getting out of hospital later in the week. A mental hospital!
The whole thing had given her a mental breakdown!!

Thanks buddy. Thanks for that story

Also, Masson decided to remind me of his dads mystery illness….his dad died.

Oh and theres the one the consultant told me today. Woman in her 40s had a total hysterectomy to try to cure her pain.
It didn’t work in terms of pain management and she’s still suffering.

So in conclusion my loves, if you have a horror story about something similar, keep it to yourself. I don’t want to know.
Only happy endings please. I need glimmers of hope in this otherwise bleak experience



2 thoughts on “Another day, another doctor

  1. I have no words ny cos I don’t know where to start. I read every one of these that you post and everytime I struggle to understand how you deal with all of this…you are 1000 times stronger than me. I know we haven’t seen each other in a long time but I am always here if you want to get any of this off your chest. if there was any way I could help I would be more than happy to help you to stop going through this constant pain. love you cuz xxxx

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh hunny. Thanks for the lovely message. I don’t feel strong anymore. I’m just plodding on with things. If I don’t I’ll just give in to the pain and never leave my bed and that’s just not an option x


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