Here we go again

That last post was the beginning of a bad week.
The tight pulling feeling and the stabbing pains didn’t ease. I continued to feel on the edge of constantly vomiting and started to panic that I’d have to go through the same old shit over again.
The operation in July was supposed to fix me. Its too soon for it to go wrong.
I tried to tell myself that it was just because my routine had changed, I’d just got back from NZ, I’d been eating differently, I’d started a new antidepressant, but other people werent so convinced.

At work on Wednesday I casually mentioned to Matt, the ED nurse who made me get admitted last time, that I was feeling rough again. He took my blood pressure and heart rate, which were both high and I panicked about what I should do.
The bit of my brain that’s worried about money and having just spent 3 weeks off work, plus the 7 weeks sick before that, wanted me to just carry on working.
I was convinced not to listen to myself and got booked into A&E.
My heart rate averaged about 100bpm which I think is a little excessive.
And here starts the process all over again.

Bloods were taken and I had a finger shoved up my bum yet again.
I was a tad worried I was obstructed as until that morning I hadn’t been to the toilet in a week and when I did it was pretty much just water. That sounded a bit too much like overflow to me, however I wasn’t vomiting or even bloated this time.

They tried to admit me but I refused as I knew no doctor would see me that evening  and I have all the drugs I could need at home anyhoo. Plus mum is away I had to be back for the dogs.
They agreed to let me go home and come back for a gynae assessment the following day.
I had the worst nights sleep. The pain kept me up til nearly 5am. I had to resort to taking tramadol and oromorph to try and make it settle. This made the dizziness and nausea worse.
I was pretty scared about going in because I was sure they’d try and make me stay as I was failing at keeping the pain under control.

Oh how wrong was I!

I had an ultrasound, which lo and behold showed nothing!
The not so friendly doctor then told me the issue wasnt gynae and I should see a doctor about exploring IBS options. I told him I’d been through all that stuff and he told me that I hadn’t, without offering up any actual real advice of things to explore.
This fuckwit is apparently training to be a GP, good luck to his patients.
I asked if maybe I should have an abdo xray. He said they wouldn’t xray for impaction and despite me telling me they would, he refused. No offer of referal to another department. Just go home, there’s nothing we can do.
I cried and he got arsey with me. Just like he got all defensive when I said the pain was just below my ASIS. “How do you know what that is?!”
Not just doctors know anatomy you wanker. I’m fairly aware of my own body by now, its been through a lot. I know somethings wrong and I know you’re not trying nearly as hard enough as you could to help me.

I cried hard for at least an hour or two.
I felt like I was going mad. Yet again just being told pain happens, get over it.

I saw a GP the following morning because I had to get this sorted. He told me he used to a general surgeon and that he agreed that something was wrong, it wasnt gynae and it needed to be looked at.
He phoned the hospital and had me sent in to Walsgrave to get a second opinion. A surgical one.
The guys were lovely. They actually listened despite seeing me before they assessed my axr. Yes, someone actually ordered some imaging that may help!
As before, my bloods were fine and they didnt know what was wrong. So I asked about the axr, was I obstucted?
They hadn’t seen it so went away and came back. The consultant looked pleased as punch. I dont know whether it was because he didn’t have to admit me or that he was the one to finally find a problem and solution.

It was just a bad case of faecal loading. So yeah, I did have overflow the other day and no an ultrasound of my ovaries was going to be fuck all use to anyone!
Neither doctors fingers up my bum were any use in finding poo and indicating constipation as it was all a lot higher than that.
His solution was the biggest box of laxatives I have ever seen as well as some sachets of Picolax (the fun stuff they give you to clear you out for colonoscopies etc)
Yay me.

I took twice the normal dose they give you in one hit and tbh I don’t feel much better.The tight pulling pain is still there, but Im able to eat without feeling like it’s coming back up my throat. Its nice to not feel so sick all the time but it would be wonderful if the pain went away too.

Cant tell you how scared I am to go through all this pain lark again. Its only been 3 months since the last operation. These adhesions are trying to push me over the edge.
Well that and New Zealand.
Everytime I’m in that country I get sick!
I was only there 3 weeks, had an ear infection the first few days and then come back with this.
Its safe to say I will not be going back there in a hurry.



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