Today I woke up at 3.30am. Yay for jetlag.

Anyhoo that’s not what this is about. For the first time since the op I’m in pain. That horrible tight pulling feeling I used to get. I know that’s not good 🙁 It’s in a new spot at though at least. In my back, but still on the right side. What could adhesions do to kidneys? I hope nothing too mean.

In truth I’ve felt crappy for a couple of weeks. Nausea, reflux and complete lack of bowel movements. There was one fun day of D&V too. Praise science for drugs and fixing that one.

I’m hoping with the whole 23hrs+ of travelling each way and drastic change of diet is the culprit and I’ll feel better soon. I can’t keep going through this crap and there’s only so many times doctors will be willing to help  😢


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