Just my luck 

Yesterday I spoke too soon.

It appears that in my joke of life anything is possible.

Sorry Ny, but remember that walk you did in June that ruined your heels? Well we repaired that and just ignored the rest of your body whilst we were dealing with your innards being stuck together. Sorry about that. We forgot to repair your toe nails so those big ones still have bloody bruise things under them and oh, that second toenail, well you didn’t want that did you?

Seriously now. It’s been 2 months. Why is my toenail now decided to fall off? It’s summer. Sandal season!

But then again, I guess if I can still rock shorts and skirts when I haven’t defuzzed my legs in almost a year, I can pull this off.

Are we sure I’m not in my own version of the Trueman show?

Don’t scroll down if you don’t want to see my bruised big toenail and horrible new lack of 2nd toenail……

Those are dog hairs not mine. Honest. Not a hobbit yet


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