No updates 


I’ve been made aware that I haven’t posted an update with the whole biopsy and life lark in a while.

This is simply because I have nothing to report. Short of telling you that I’m fed up of wearing nappies/soaking through normal sanitary pads and feeling crampy and lame for the past few weeks, I have nothing to tell.

Not one of these people who said they’d had colposcopies bothered to share how much of a hassle it is afterwards. It’s been most unfun. Some people have a spotting for a few days and others up to 4 weeks after the procedure. I fall somewhere in the ball park of open flood gates for any and all kinds of fluids for weeks on end.

So yeah. I don’t feel great. And now I’m back to normalish tummy health wise my good friend anaemia has reappeared and forces me to nap everyday. So far the iron tablets aren’t helping but I’ll persevere until my next quarterly B12 injection with added free insults from my “favourite” nurse at the end of the month.

I’ll let you know when I know. But either way it’s all done now. So if it was Cancer, it’s gone. So those medical types can stop poking me for a while 🙂


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