Schrodinger’s Cancer

Today I had the pleasure of having a colposcopy.

My last smear test came back abnormal, with precancerous cells, so today I had them removed. Sounds super fun doesn’t it. It was as fun as you can imagine.

I’m not sold on the term precancerous. It should be cancer or not cancer. Not “if you leave this untreated it will turn into cancer, but we cant tell you when”. So I’m bloody hoping that the time between finding out it was abnormal and actually having the treatment wasn’t enough for it to turn into cancer, as I had to put it off a few weeks due to being in hospital and whatnot.
I wont find out the results for another couple of weeks, but they removed any of the offending cells today so fingers crossed it will all be ok. Not that that stopped me from panicking and crying about things yesterday.
My body just like to try to destroy itself from the inside out.
Not today though. That nurse showed them who was boss and burnt the offending cells away.
It wasn’t as horrific as I was expending. Yes of course it was uncomfortable but anything involving a speculum usually is. There was just a pit of poking about and whatnot. It wasn’t as painful as the last smear test I had, but we all know how I feel about that nurse and her practice. Grr.
I wont go into graphic details but I did get to watch the first bit of the procedure on a screen and was reassured things didn’t look too bad considering they were pre-cancer cells.

If you have a dodgy smear result definitely do not put it off, go get the simple procedure done and have a nap afterwards like I did and all will be fine.

So now we wait and hope that that was the end of that and I don’t have to be poked and prodded anymore


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