Post Op Fun

The difference already is amazing. I no longer look that lovely greenish colour I go but doctors fail to see, like brown people can’t look sick or something.

The pain has mostly gone. It still feels a bit bruised and tight on my right side but nothing like it was before. I can sit in a chair without wanting to cry! Thats a pretty amazing feat. Driving was always one of the hardest parts of my day. Taking enough drugs to be comfortable yet safe behind the wheel was a tricky calculation and often one which required a hot water bottle giraffe.

Im pretty sure the giraffe didn’t do much but serve as a distraction but if it got me through the day, I was willing to go with it.

Yes I took a hot water bottle giraffe to hospital and walked around with it firmly clamped to my side whenever I walked from A&E to the main dept for the staff room. I couldnt have given a crap about the dodgy looks. Those people should have just been grateful I was still coming in at all. Lunchtimes were spent curled up in the most uncomfortable looking positions, mentally preparing to go back to help those who claimed to be in more pain than I.

I nearly lost it the day I was admitted as my patient was being a complete wuss and I was obviously hurting more than they were. Grr. Ungrateful unwashed.

Anyhoooooo. Im way better. If we ignore the hormonal implant hell and morphine stoppage.

I have hot flushes one second and then will be covered in goosebumps the next minute. Its so hard to know whats going on inside my poor confused body right now. After heavily relying on morphine for the past month or so, to suddenly not need it anymore has completely thrown it off wack. Id like to thank Netflix’s “Stranger Things” for making my fear of the dark worse too. That’s definitely helping with the insomnia- worrying about getting trapped in the Upside Down. Thanks guys!

But yes, as far as I can tell at this stage, the operation was a complete success and I feel amazing in comparison to the hell I had got used to existing in.

Even managed a couple of tiny trips out of the house. Nothing exciting but more than I could have mananged before.

Cant wait to get back to having a life beyond work and sleep again. Not that I wouldnt be greatful to be doing either of those two things right now.

Thanks again for everyone’s support and well wishes and everything you’ve done for me through this. Its been overwhelming. You all more than make up for the lack of interest my own father has in his childre. You’re good people




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