It’s done :)

Good evening.

Sorry this one has taken so long but the whole day has been a foggy haze and I’ve forgotten chunks of it already.

The day has flown by. Came in at 7.30am and was operated on at about 9.30am. I spent most the day in and out of sleep.

All went without a hitch as far as I’m aware. It was done keyhole and all my organs are in tact. As suspected there were a lot of adhesions. My bowel was stuck to my abdominal wall and my right ovary/fallopian tube was a big balled up mess of scar tissue.

My consultant sliced and diced her way through it as much as she could and as far as I can tell already, she’s done an amazing job. Im barely bloated  (less so than if I’d eaten noodles) and I’ve only taken paracetamol and 5ml oral morphine since the operation! Thats bloody amazing! Tomorrow will be the teller though.

Im staying in for the night, on a swish new private ward. I got lucky as theres no beds for me anywhere else apparently. That or all mums whinging last time I was in did the trick and won me an upgrade.

Check out my fancy dinner and mums coffee



I have ensuite, air con, a duvet and a fancy breakfast menu to choose from. Praise the lord for the freeview tv as the wifi is down and therefore I cant use netflix on my laptop.

I feel amazing. Which is a bold statement and something I may swiftly retract tomorrow, but I really do. Dont get me wrong,  Im still in pain. I have a pounding headache. My incision sites are a bit sore and my I can feel the air pushing up under my diaphragm but I feel soooo much better than I did before going into the op.

I have a week to get over this one before some other gynae doctors poke around at my insides. Yay me. Havent really mentioned this bit but the other week when I was in hospital my GP informed me my recent smear test came back abnormal. Im sure it’ll all be fine. Theyre doing a biospy next Thurs and if there’s anything dodgy they just burn away those cells. Simples.

Fingers crossed after that I can get my life back. I miss working and I need to be fighting fit for my trip to NZ in Sept.


Sorry to those wanting funny stories about my neighbours, but I dont have any. Plus everyone that has looked after me today has been really really nice. I’ll keep my eyes peeled for something tomorrow xx



One thought on “It’s done :)

  1. So pleased there seems to be progress painwise! Hang in there, it must surely get better now, and we need you fit for your September visit!


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