How did we get here?

Here’s a quick background in case you’ve missed the last 3 years…

In November 2012 I moved to New Zealand on my own.

In March 2013 I had a 6cm hemorrhagic cyst inside my right ovary, which they drained.
At first they sent me home telling me to get my gallbladder scanned via a GP appointment. I had that checked out by a colleague, all was fine. A&E sent me for a CT scan to check my kidneys this time and low and behold it was my ovary so I finally got an ultrasound of the right place and a diagnosis of my problem.

In July 2013 I had my appendix removed.
There was nothing wrong with my appendix. It was just the same pain I had before and my ultrasound proved useless in finding anything wrong with me.
I struggled with the pain from the moment they let me out of hospital, after they “fixed” me.
I tried everything I could to fix it myself, thinking I was just constipated but nooope. I had a massive infection between my uterus and my rectum, so was incredibly uncomfortable.
Another trip to CT followed and they kept me captive for 3 weeks whilst the antibiotic combinations failed at making the infection decrease.
Then one day, it spontaneously started draining and I started feeling more human.

Only after Id been let out of hospital did they do an MRI to see if there was a fistula. By then the draining had stopped and it showed nothing but the damage to my fallopian tubes from the infection.

I was told to start a fund for IVF if I wanted to have children.

For the rest of my time I was in New Zealand I got this random right sided pain every now and then and spent weeks upon weeks in hospital just for the pain relief. They were unable to find a cause on any imaging modality and settled with the decision that “some people just have pain” and told me not to drive myself mad looking for a cause.

I wasn’t ready to give up that easily so I tried alternative options. I saw a weird healer guy with crystals and stuff. I had food allergy testing, I cut out sugar from my diet, I started the low FODMAP diet, I exercised, I tried chiropractors, I had counselling and the doctors put me on antidepressants because when the flare ups were bad I could literally do nothing by lay down.

I thought I found a connection with food, but that theory no longer stands. Those are completely different pains and symptoms to contend with.
Yay lucky me.

Eventually I had enough and moved back to be closer to family and friends. Going through this on my own for 2 years was all I could stand. I needed more support.

I managed almost a whole year pain free until June 2015, when I got sick again.
My original thought that sex put me in hospital was proved true and thanks to my then boyfriend I ended up pretty ill again.
However, that theory doesn’t completely stand up either as I avoided it for a whole year and now look where I’ve ended up!


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